About The Query

Hey there, Cody and Kyle here👋 We’re the makers of The Query.
We’re focused on:
Creating the most USEFUL, ACCURATE, and COMPREHENSIVE data job board in existence
Creating world class data content to help data nerds like us grow in their careers

A job board built FOR data nerds BY data nerds

Generic job boards don’t give data professionals the filtering functionality required to really find the right roles (e.g. if I’m looking for a remote role where the company is using DBT, BigQuery, and Tableau as their data stack).

But we do....

How?… It’s a data problem and we 🧡 solving data problems.

We collect data from a variety of sources and then parse and tag that data so job seekers can easily find the right roles by simply using the filters on our site.

If you have filtering parameters you’d like us to add, drop us a line here.

Class data guides & courses… all for free

If we help level up data professionals, it not only makes us feel good, but it’s good for business.

Higher skilled candidates are worth more to businesses.

Lucky for us, we 🧡 writing about data.

If you’re new to data, check out our guide to becoming a data analyst here.

We both create content on LinkedIn (here and here) and have a newsletter we send out weekly (sign up here).

If you want us to write about something specific, drop us a line here.

More about us

Cody West
Cofounder @ The Query

Cody has worked in data for 9 years as a data analyst and analytics engineer focusing mainly on growth and marketing analytics.

He has a wide breadth of experience ranging from working on a 40 person analytics team to being the first analyst at a startup to build the analytics function.

He’s also a data entrepreneur and has built and sold 2 companies in the marketing data space. Currently, he works in tech on growth analytics and GTM strategy.

Cody lives in a log cabin in the woods an hour from the nearest grocery store thanks to Space X’s Starlink internet.

Kyle Malone
Cofounder @ The Query

Kyle is a seasoned data analyst with over 10 years of experience, currently serving as the Director of Analytics at his company.

He excels in financial modeling and is well-versed in SQL, Python, Excel/Google Sheets and various data visualization tools. Kyle's unique ability to connect finance and analytics allows him to drive significant business value.

In his free time, he enjoys outdoor activities and applying data analysis to real-life situations — most recently, an automated tracker he built to analyze his running data while training for a marathon.